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QBS Learning is an industry leader in providing end-to-end accessibility services. We ensure compliance with Section 508, WCAG guidelines, and ADA standards. Our team of experts incorporates best practices, such as ensuring that accessible technology is Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust (POUR), to ensure your offerings are fully compliant.

Our holistic approach to accessibility involves evaluating digital content as well as delivery platforms to identify non-conforming elements. And then, building a remediation plan to address the full spectrum of visual, hearing, speech and cognitive disability requirements—all in compliance with state and federal guidelines for accessibility.

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Today, having inclusive content is important as well as non-negotiable, and we can help you in ensuring the same. Our team has expertise in global accessibility guidelines like WCAG 2.1 Level A, AA, and AAA and can easily identify and evaluate gaps in your digital accessibility content.

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After evaluation of your digital content, if our experts identify potential blockers or barriers, we offer solutions to rectify them. Not only do we help make inclusive content, but we also ensure that it is in compliance with global accessibility standards.

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We create the necessary reports and documents that show that your digital content as well as your organisation complies with all the accessibility standards. This helps in ensuring a ready-to-use and fuss-free product.

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PreK-12 Publishers:

Accessible and inclusive educational content is the right of every student, and PreK-12 publishers have a responsibility to ensure that they deliver the same. Thus, content and EdTech services must be fully compliant with the industry guidelines to be even considered for purchase using government funding.

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HigherEd Publishers:

Just like in the PreK-12 sector, higher education publishers are required by law to make their digital educational content accessible to people with disabilities. Publishers who invest in digital accessibility services can gain a competitive advantage by offering accessible content that meets the needs of all students.

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Enterprises and Business:

By investing in digital accessibility services, companies can create more inclusive and accessible digital environments for all customers, regardless of ability. They can also avoid legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance with accessibility regulations.

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Phil Gallagher

Senior Account Manager

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Madhu Rai

Certified Accessibility Expert

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