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Transform education by using
AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Automation


Content-Copilot effortlessly transforms the way creators produce high-quality content, ushering in a new era of seamless and efficient content creation.

  • AI is transforming education by making knowledge more accessible and content more engaging and effective for learners of all ages and backgrounds. It personalizes learning paths, recommends relevant content, and automates administrative tasks—overall, improving the quality of education.
  • At QBS, our mission is to help clients find the most effective way to responsibly use AI models to expedite business value and foster growth.
What we do

Content-Copilot is QBS Learning's cutting-edge platform for education. It is designed to help publishers and EdTech companies enhance productivity, automate manual processes, improve accuracy, and reduce costs. Content-Copilot blends in Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning technologies to provide faster and accurate solutions for business problems. It works on large datasets to learn the intricate patterns and relationship within the input data. With this information, it automates repetitive tasks and provides intelligent assistance throughout the content creation and production processes.

Reimagine education by transforming your content

Reimagine education by transforming your content

Leverage AI and automation techniques to transform your educational content and create engaging and effective learning experiences. Content-Copilot helps you transform content from one form factor to another with ease and speed, making interoperable content that can work on multiple platforms.

Redesign learning experiences for all

Redesign learning experiences for all

Unlock limitless learning opportunities by creating accessible content, designed to enhance student engagement, personalize learning, and improve academic outcomes. Content-Copilot provides the ability to infuse human-centric AI in traditional content to make it more accessible.

Revolutionize education by allowing AI to create content

Revolutionize education by allowing AI to create content

An important factor in the adoption of AI technology in education is using it ethically and responsibly. Content-Copilot is a responsible AI platform, and QBS is committed to ensure transparency and accountability of all its AI-generated content. Content-Copilot will help maximize your potential by creating 100% accurate and original content and assessments.

Why us?
  • Educational Expertise: QBS is a market leader with 30+ years of experience in the education industry. We have built solutions in various domains for clients in more than 20 countries. Our AI-based Content-Copilot platform will provide you with the ultimate productivity enhancement.
  • Exceptional Talent: QBS has invested in a dedicated and immensely talented team to develop automations using responsible AI models and scale AI solutions. We are constantly innovating and building deep expertise in education technology.
  • Personalized Solutions: Unique problems need unique solutions, and Content-Copilot does just that. Our platform adapts to your specific requirements and provides the best customized solutions.
Our offerings
Copilot as Service

Make Content-Copilot a companion platform for all your content needs. Its pre-built AI solutions can be used with our service models to gain efficiency and reduce costs in your content production processes.

Custom Copilot Solutions

The pre-built components of Content-Copilot can be extended to suit your needs. This helps you create innovative and value-added applications instead of spending time and resources on building and maintaining foundational technologies.

AI Consulting Services

Our specialized consulting team has expertise in strategy, design, architecture, data, systems integration, and program operations. And, combined with our deep education domain knowledge, Content-Copilot will help deliver a tailored AI approach for all your needs.

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