The QBS team of writers and editors understand the requirements and nuances of every topic, language, and representations for use in our school environment. We have developed a robust process for translating educational materials for our clients. We implement a stringent quality control process that includes several rounds of review, copyediting and proofreading. A key feature of this process is every translation undergoes a content QC, in which an editor ensures that the translation is complete and faithful to the original text and purpose.

Composite of translation words, including translators, languages, edit, modern, Greek, Latin, and English, among others.


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  • One of our main areas of expertise is conceptualizing, developing, and editing material for Spanish Language Programs, particularly workbooks, assessments and other ancillary products. This work includes development of original reading selections and scripts for middle and high school ancillaries. 
  • Our Spanish translators are well familiar with the skills needed for complete dominance of the Spanish language, sentence structure and grammar. 
  • We partner with native Spanish-speaking professionals based in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Spain. With their extensive experience in working for the U.S. educational market QBS Learning can offer high-quality Spanish-language copyediting, proofreading, digital QA, translation/transadaptation, and authentic materials research for Spanish-language products.

Recent key translation projects include: 

  1. English>Spanish translation of a science program for grades K-11, including all student and teacher guides 
  2. English>Spanish translation of a Math program for grades K-5, including student texts, instructor guides, and all print ancillary materials 
  3. English>Spanish translation of the teacher guides for a K-5 reading program, including lesson guides for 100 children’s books


The QBS Learning team of experienced educators and content developers understand the challenges and nuances of helping non-native English speaking students learn the language. We work with you to develop training materials and content to help your students achieve proficiency in the English language.

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