Content Development

We have an extensive team of writers, editors, content specialists, copyeditors, proofreaders, fact checkers, and editorial managers to create extraordinary literacy content. Many of us are current or former teachers, and we’re vested in excellent instruction.


QBS Learning offers content development for pre-K to 12 instruction and assessment for all types of literacy programs—digital, blended learning, print, core, and supplemental.

Editorial Services

  • Conceptualizing and designing
  • Market and academic research
  • Scope and sequence planning
  • Prototyping
  • Storyboarding
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Text research and permissions
  • Script and storyboard creation
  • Copyediting and proofreading
  • Fact checking
  • Tracking for diversity and variability
  • Formative assessment planning
  • Assessment writing
  • Benchmark assessment review
  • State customization
  • Correlations
  • UDL and accessibility reviews


  • Textbooks
  • Digital instruction and assessment
  • Digital objects and learning games
  • Student and teacher editions
  • Informational and literary texts
  • Targeted texts for phonics and fluency
  • Assessment passages and items
  • Learning center and activity cards
  • Supports for English learners
  • Reading and literature instruction
  • Interactive read-aloud guides
  • Vocabulary strategies resources
  • Small-group differentiation and scaffolds
  • Discourse guides
  • Writer’s workshop guides and kits
  • Independent practice / assignments
  • Posters and charts
  • Intervention resources
  • Professional development resources

Let’s work together.

Our editorial team cares about the same things our pre-K to 12 clients care about, including

  • Helping learners achieve academic success
  • Supporting educators
  • Translating research into classroom practices
  • Delivering on time and within budget

Collaboration for Successful Products

QBS is a full-service partner. We offer

  • Design and composition
  • Illustration and image research
  • Project management
  • Digital learning production
  • Translation and transadaptation
A flowchart graphic with an eye to represent discover, a web to represent define, a computer screen with gears to represent plan, a ruler and pencil to represent develop, a paper airplane to represent deliver, and a growing vine to represent evolve.


We conduct and synthesize market and academic research to illustrate the landscape.

We interpret sources such as

  • ILA
  • NCTE
  • EdWeek
  • EdReports
  • CGCS
  • IMET
  • WIDA
  • ESSA

We give insight into where QBS can support the in-house team implement the project.

We prototype or build a proof of concept to test ideas like

  • Balancing comprehension and foundational skills
  • Integrating reading and writing
  • Using criteria for compelling, complex texts


We build off conceptualizing work to make a project plan, then scale up and staff the project

We coordinate resources to help the team understand

  • National, state, and district expectations
  • Standards, skills, and strategies
  • Integrated programs and separate modules


We team up to build, get feedback, iterate, and find a cadence for autonomy and reviews.

We coordinate resources to help the team understand

  • Appealing, relevant, rigorous content
  • Reading achievement and equity
  • Integrated supports for English learners and Spanish speakers


We track content work to meet ambitious schedules and problem-solve along the way.

We create and follow guidelines for

  • Program style
  • Knowledge base and vocabulary
  • Cultural responsiveness
  • Growth mindset
  • Social-emotional learning


We build on successes, respond, and revise based on reactions in the field.

We rethink criteria for phases or components of a product to

  • Engage learners
  • Better bridge print and digital
  • Use data to drive instruction
  • Support professional learning
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