Content Development

QBS has a team of writers, editors, and content specialists with deep experience in social studies instruction. We take pride in creating rigorous resources that meet the needs of diverse learners

We understand the importance of delivering culturally-responsive instruction as students are making sense of the world around them, whether it’s at the primary level for young children first meeting people in their community, in the middle grades where students are sharpening their map reading, or at in a high school program, where students are participating in critical analysis as they grapple with contemporary global issues. We support your efforts to offer inviting, thought-provoking resources that look back at the past and ahead to the future.


QBS Learning offers content development for pre-K to 12 instruction and assessment in all domains of social studies. We can help build core and supplemental products.


  • Planning print, digital, and blended programs
  • Market and academic research
  • Scope and sequence planning
  • Prototyping
  • Writing and editing
  • Script and storyboard creation
  • Research for primary-source documents
  • Development of informational texts
  • Research and spec writing for maps, graphs, and infographics
  • Fact checking with historical and contemporary source verification
  • Correlation and alignment to the C3 Framework and state standards


  • Social studies instruction and assessment
  • Print student and teacher editions
  • Digital objects and learning games
  • Culturally responsive instruction
  • American and world history
  • Civics and American government
  • Economics and financial literacy
  • Geography and contemporary world issues
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Supports for English learners
  • Readers, biographies, and case studies
A flowchart graphic with an eye to represent discover, a web to represent define, a computer screen with gears to represent plan, a ruler and pencil to represent develop, a paper airplane to represent deliver, and a growing vine to represent evolve.

We join you in determining your approach and lens you aim to take, offering analysis of the market and recommending direction.

We respond to standards, helping to interpret and attend to the
teaching techniques that are successful for the content.


We collaborate with you to establish the success criteria for the project. We define how we can support you in building engaging social studies content.

We listen to your goals as we work to build a proof of content. Our prototypes reflect educator and student perspectives.


We help you develop a plan, and we take steps to prepare for successful development.

We coordinate resources, set expectations,manage schedules,coordinate
communication, and plan for risk management.


We work to ensure that our early batches match your needs and recalibrate throughout the process to stay on target.

We share the latest, most relevant resources for conveying concepts and collaborate on the creation of strong graphics.


We deliver exceptional content, overcoming any hiccups that arise, to
on time and within budget.

We follow your guidelines and create our own to make sure that all members of our team maintain high delivery standards.


We reflect and grow from each project, ready to revise content and operations based on feedback.

We seek ways to challenge assumptions and envision novel approaches, and we’re there with you to adapt to the trends.

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