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Assessment Solutions

  • A team of subject matter and assessment experts using a data-driven and results-oriented approach makes for an extremely effective assessment program. 
  • Our team’s rich understanding of using data to drive instruction and derive valid, reliable, and actionable assessment data guides the design and implementation of solutions that satisfy all your requirements. 
  • We provide a wide range of services, including test blueprint development, form design, test item development, data analytics, market research, and project management.

Test Blueprint Development

  • Every great project starts with a perfectly developed test blueprint. A robust test blueprint is the foundation for developing an effective assessment program. 
  • QBS Learning works with you to understand your requirements, objectives, and challenges in order to build the foundation of your assessment and evaluation program. 
  • In collaboration with you, we formulate the standards to be applied for a fair and reliable assessment. We have developed a rigorously tested process and set of protocols to create a quality blueprint that meets your goals.
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Test booklets

Form Design

  • Form design is a critical component of formulating a comprehensive assessment program. Forms and the items they contain need to be aligned to learning objectives. A perfectly designed form will marry the objectives with the output to provide you with the data required for a valuable, unbiased, and reliable evaluation. 
  • QBS Learning designs forms to achieve comparability across results. Our team of experts has designed a robust quality-control process to achieve such high standards. Let us guide you through the process of formulating the perfect form right from the initial assessment specifications to developing, editing, and finalizing test delivery forms.

Item and Test Development

  • Quality test items are extremely critical to creating a durable assessment program. 
  • The criteria we consider when developing quality items are: alignment to the content standards or learning objectives, construct-relevant, and free from bias. Together, these criteria ensure a reliable and fair test for all test takers. 
  • Our assessment team’s expertise comes from years of experience in developing test items. We can develop test items to suit your specific needs, from standard multiple-choice and open-ended constructed response questions to customized technology-enhanced items or performance-based tasks.
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A composite of images for that pertain to assessments, including collaboration, group work, easy to grade, open book, forum discussions, essays, and blog posts. It also has two questions. How will students demonstrate their learning? What types of assessments will you use?


  • From an educator’s perspective, one of the most critical roles played by assessments is to measure students’ understanding before, during, and after instruction. With this data in hand, educators can drive instruction and inform differentiation. 
  • Our assessment team not only understands assessment, but also knows how to align an assessment to generate actionable data to drive instruction and differentiation. 
  • Our quality assessments align to your assessment goals and provide timely and accurate data that can be used to differentiate instruction for all learners.

Data Analytics & Reporting

  • The end goal of any assessment program is to produce quality data to help enhance the understanding of learner proficiency and determine the next steps. 
  • The most critical factor in data analytics and reporting is to provide information in a format that is easy to understand, so that quick and timely action can be taken. To achieve this, our analytics and reporting solutions provide you with assessment data in an easy-to-read format to enable immediate decision-making. 
  • Our innovative reporting solutions synthesize multiple data-points, with formats that allow for quick analysis and action. We can develop customized reports tailored to your requirements and equip you with all the necessary data analytics tools.
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