QBS Learning provides end-to-end accessibility services to ensure compliance with Section 508, WCAG guidelines and ADA standards. Our approach to accessibility begins with a thorough evaluation of both content and delivery platforms to identify non-conforming elements and build a remediation plan which addresses the full spectrum of visual, hearing, speech and cognitive disability requirements that need to be met to be in full compliance with state and federal guidelines for accessibility

Our team of accessibility experts incorporates best practices, such as ensuring that accessible technology is Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust (POUR), to ensure your offerings are fully compliant


  • PreK-12 Publishers: In order to be considered for purchase using government funding, content and EdTech services must be fully compliant with Section 508 guidelines in order to address the needs of students with developmental or learning disabilities or impairments.
  • HigherEd Publishers: Universites and Colleges should ensure that the platform and the content used by students are fully and equally accessible to, and independently usable by, differently-abled students and faculty members in a way that they can acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same services as sighted students and faculty with substantially equivalent ease of use.
  • Enterprises and Business: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to ensure that their platfrom and content make reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities.


Content conformity to WCAG 2.1- Level A, AA and AAA guidelines:

  • Accessibility testing and implementation
  • Video accessibility
  • Alt-text creation (English and Spanish)
  • Reading order and keyboard navigation
  • Voice-over, closed captioning and translation services (English and Spanish)
  • Color contrast
  • Mobile optimization

Content conformity to WCAG 2.1- Level A, AA and AAA guidelines:

  • Software applications
  • Learning content management systems
  • Assessment platforms and items
  • Digital-learning solutions



  • Platforms (LMS, LCMS)
  • Products (Readers, etc.)
  • Mobile applications


  • PDFs
  • eBooks


  • Games
  • Simulations
  • Animations

Websites and web-based training

Evaluation and Remediation of Existing Content:

  • To remediate existing content based on the Section 508/WCAG 1 guidelines

Our experts will:

  • Analyze and document the current data and structure of your assets;
  • Assess your level of compliance with relevant laws and standards.
  • Create your remediation plan, based on overall risk and timeframe, to bring your assets into compliance with relevant standards.
  • Remediation of assets.

New Content Development by Incorporating Accessible Design Methodology

  • To ensure adherence of Section 508/WCAG 1 guidelines while creating content

Our experts will:

  • Design and develop fully accessible digital products for web and mobile applications.
  • Create inclusive experiences for audiences of all abilities using audio, video, images, and sign language interpretations.
  • Perform accessibility testing and implementation.

Technical Evaluation of Applications, Platform And Website

  • To audit all digital products to identify gaps and provide remediation services, along with audit and compliance reports

Our experts will:

  • Perform risk and gap analysis to gauge the current level of accessibility features for product/application.
  • Identify accessibility gaps and prepare a report.
  • Perform assistive technology compatibility testing to ensure your product works with the tools used by differently-abled individuals.
  • Provide remediation.

Accessibility Audit Services

  • To provide third-party comprehensive testing and audit services

Our experts will:

  • Define the evaluation scope including the sites and subsites to be included in the review.
  • Select representative samples of pages to be included in the detailed accessibility audit.
  • Audit selected samples to identify any areas that do not conform to Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 standards.
  • Document findings and detailed recommendations to fix identified issues.
  • Perform quality assurance testing to ensure changes have been made and meet the accessibility standards.
  • Conduct final verification of your products and services for Accessibility Level Adoption (A, AA, AAA).


Our team of accessibility experts has helped several companies meet their digital accessibility goals. Please contact us for a free accessibility evaluation service and learn how we can help you address your accessibility needs.

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