Process as a Platform (BPaaS)

QBS has over 25 years of experience in partnering with organizations and helping them get their product to market faster and in a cost effective way.

QBS' services have evolved with the changing landscape of industries. Our hybrid BPaaS models allow you to retain your existing knowledge pool and at the same time add additional support that bring in more efficiency.

QBS' BPaaS hybrid models combines Business Process Management (BPM) with one or more aspects of cloud deployment: SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS. our approach combines domain expertise as well as a thorough knowledge of clud computing to ensure that our customers get the maximum flxibility and agility. Here is how we QBS'are some advantages of moving business process management to the cloud: Decreased costs from not buying and maintaining servers to manage and coordinate business process. Pay-as-you-go pricing model Increased mobility, by accessing the solution from any geographical point. This allows businesses the opportunity to grow and expand much faster. Scalability by allowing companies to add new processes without much infrastructural cost.

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Digital Asset Management

QBS' Lighthouse Digital Asset Management software helps organizations whether they are a publisher, hotels, hospitals etc. to manage and organize numerous assets. These assets can be photos, archives, data records of consumers.

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Data Management & Analytics

QBS's experience teams help in structuring data and that help in managing the information lifecycle of content within an organization. This help companies in achieving their goals.

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Finance & Accounting

QBS helps CFOs in organize financial department which are efficient as well as cost effective. Our job is to help you focus on strategic goals and let us handle the day to day managerial tasks.


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